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    What show or shows are you trying to watch where you get this error?


    As an alternative, you can always go directly to the networks own website and watch from there. Almost all networks i.e. ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, the CW, FX, HBO have streaming available from their site and they don't appear to have the same issues with commercials that the Xfinity site does.


    - Norm

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    Just a couple suggestions, the three people who posted their computer information showed they have Flash versions 11.6.602, 11.7.700 and 11.9.900 and the latest version is; you can alway check the version that your browser is using and see the most current versions by going here: if you don't have the most recent version use the "Player Download Center" to download and install the most recent version.


    As an alternative, you can always go directly to the networks own website and watch from there. Almost all networks i.e. ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, the CW, FX, HBO have streaming available from their site and they don't appear to have the same issues that the Xfinity site does.


    - Norm

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    FoxSports1 streaming video has good realtime audio. The video stream has poor quality, improves within a few seconds and then the video goes into a constant stop/start mode; audio remains fine. Refreshing only repeats the problems.


    Is this a problem on my end or Comcasts'?

    Anyone from Comcast willing/able to offer some input?

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  • 05/11/14--08:31: Re: ROKU, HBO GO
  • The very SECOND Google announces it is launching in Colorado I'm making the switch.

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    My PC is on the current flash as well as all the latest windows 7 and IE version/updates. My computer is always up-to-date with all adobe/windows/application updates. For all vendors I have auto updates on in Notify mode so that I actually control when and know when the updates occurred. I usually install them immediately BUT having them notify me and staying in control keeps me aware of when they get installed and I test all my apps afterwards. As a pc support and systems administrator with 25 years of experience now, I know that some updates do break things, and its why, on my personal computers I do things this way. This way I am always up-to-date and if after an update something is broken, I know the updates are suspect as the cause.


    As regard to the video will resume shortly problem, with no changes to my computer, the next day after it first occurred for me, I was able to watch the orphan black video I had issues with originally with no problem. BUT the next day after that I went to watch the next episode and the problem re-occurred. So unfortunatly I think the only way to solve the problem would be for someone to call in when the problem is actually happening so that a tech can see exactly what is going on and troubleshoot it at the time of occurrance.

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    X1 was installed about three weeks ago.  I have one X1 DVR and one X1 HD box.


    I can schedule DVR recordings from apps on my iPhone or iPad, but cannot schedule them from any PC.  I have tried three different PCs, all with different web browsers, e.g. Internet Explorer 11 or Google Chrome.  I have also cleared all cookies, browsing history, etc.


    When I go to, I sign in and see:


    DVR Manager is available in your area. However, we are
    unable to detect a compatible DVR in your household.


    At the bottom of the page I do see the name of my DVR, and if I go to Settings > Manage Cable Boxes & DVRs I do see the name of the DVR and the name of the HD box.


    I have had two tickets opened with Tier2 and they claim that they fixed the problem, but they did not.  I am very tired of calling and chatting with Tech Support.  Can someone from Comcast please escalate this issue?  The previous ticket numbers are:  CR366957608 and CR368361754.



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    Starz stations often has digital distortion for this Comcast Subscriber. I have gone through intensive trouble shootings with Comcast without resolution to the problem. They want to send a one of their cable men to my place but tell me if they can't find the problem when their service guys shows up they will issue me a service charge. I find this outrageous!  I am supposed to take off a day from work and get a service charge because the service they supply does not work! Their phone technical support people are usually polite but  ineffective. 

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    I too am having this issue.  PLEASE post a solution so this can be resolved.  

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  • 05/11/14--15:28: Printed channel listing
  • Looking for a list of all channels and channel numbers to print or down-load.

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    What are the model numbers of your DVR and set top boxes?  They should be located on the bottom of the boxes, or you can login to the Comcast Support site and for my account it lists:


    CISCO DPC3939 PA pr150bnm PA px001anm


    Support Site:

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  • 05/11/14--19:37: Re: Grid unable to load
  • Daniel,

    That worked, although why "Comcast recommeded line-up" should load the grid when the other two will not is a mystery. Probably some web monkey should be spanked. Anyway, thanks for the help.


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  • 05/11/14--20:00: Roku HBO
  • I was very disappointed to learn today that, while we're remodeling and I'm unable to use my normal tv location for which I'm paying, I'm unable to use Xfinity and my HBO subscription to access it on a tv in another room in our house via HBO Go.  Researching it, I find that it is because Comcast refuses to sign an agreement with Roku. Comcast -- shame on you!!!

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  • 05/11/14--20:03: Re: ROKU, HBO GO
  • This is Comcast's fault and Comcaast needs to change its ways or those of us who spend loads of money subscribing will jump ship at the earliest opportunity. 

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  • 05/11/14--20:04: Re: ROKU, HBO GO
  • Yes!!! Comcast is ticking me off.

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  • 05/11/14--20:05: Re: HBO Go on Roku?
  • Shame on Comcast.. 

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  • 05/11/14--21:33: Online balance problems
  • Moved to billing forum.

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    yeah I had the same problem with the TNT stream it would go black during commercial with audio going on then it would come back and glitch out.

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  • 05/12/14--05:24: Re: Grid unable to load
  • The very short and oversimiplifed version is that the recomended lineup is backed by newer technology and thus is less likely to break. The even shorter (and ironically not oversimplified version) is that they both should work.

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  • 05/12/14--06:43: Re: Roku HBO
  • Lyndagard, it's even worse they just refuse to check the little box on the provider side of the HBOGO site that says ROKU and SAMSUNG.


    I am glad they have authorized FOXNOW unlike DTV.


    I have resorted to watching HBOGO with my Chromecast, just grades my cheese everytime I do.

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    getting error 700l305 0 when trying to access espn 2. This started two weeks ago. The location is not different not time I usually access the website.

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