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  • 05/15/14--19:23: can't watch shows online
  • shows are locked for streaming on stations I am subscribed to. The message says I need a subscription to watch, but I have a subscription!

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    I am having the same problem now in May with fox and amc, and have had dozens of conversations over phone with comcast to no avail. Could you guys pleeeeaaase fix this? I rarely watch the tv and use comcast to watch online, so I am seriously thinking about canceling and using another method.

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  • 05/15/14--22:43: Re: Commercials Freeze
  • I don’t know what kind of goof-ball would want to watch and enjoy viewing commercials! Get a freekin' life!  I would love to block out these stupid commercials... How to I accomplish this?

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    DVR Manager is available in your area. However, we are
    unable to detect a compatible DVR in your household.

    All Boxes have been reset/power detached and reatached. Computer/IPhone/Android apps all work fine and see the three boxes. I can change TV chanels for each box on all apps. The only thing I cannot do is play Recorded/Saved programs and use DVR manager in any way. They are not on Comcast list of boxes not useable.

    Phone help seems to be fruitless.

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    We've been seeing this issue come up recently and still haven't tracked fully tracked down what is causing it. However I did add a piece of technical data to your site preferences that sometimes fixes the issue.


    Try it again and see if it's working now.


    - Dan

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    I'm having the same problem.  HELP!


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    No Luck.

    This what I see.


    Welcome to DVR Manager

    You can now schedule programs to record from anywhere. Visit the How-to Guide to learn how to schedule and manage your recordings

    To schedule recordings, go to TV Listings »

    Are you a Comcast customer?

    Sign InPlease send me email with TV Highlights

    Syncing in Process

    DVR Manager is currently syncing with your DVR.
    Please allow up to 24 hours to complete.

    Sorry, DVR Manager is currently not available in your area.
    You will be notified when it becomes available.

      is your currently selected ZIP code. Change ZIP code?

    DVR Manager is available in your area. However, we are
    unable to detect a compatible DVR in your household.

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    Ah that's something completely different. The page is failing to load correctly. It's a fairly straighforward error that could be caused by any number of things. Let's try the following to figure it out:


    1) Try a different browser. Any browser. This isn't a permenent solution but it will narrow down the problem a lot.


    2) If another browser works, the next thing to do is clear the cache (and cookies to be safe) in the browser that isn't working and then try again.


    3) If that doesn't fix the original browser, let me know what browser you are using so I can test the site on that specific one.


    - Dan

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    And low and behold.


    Dan the Man has fixed the problem.

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    Moved to DVR manager forum.

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    Starting on the 12th of May, I was unable to watch any shows on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, etc., & the reason stated/shown was that I did not have a subscription to the networks.   I reported it on the 13th, as did others having the same issue.   It was resolved by the 15th, for which I was very grateful.  Then last night (still the 15th of May, 2014), it started locking us out of the above mentioned networks again & continues today, the 16th.  Please try to resolve this issue as quickly as possible as we pay good money for this service.   If this lingers too long perhaps refunds should be considered. 
    Thank you!

    This is what appears after making a selection: 

    ABC is not part of your subscriptions.

    In order to watch (show's name), you need a subscription to ABC.

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    So I just used the website the very first time trying to watch some on demand shows online (Mentalist, NCIS: LA), at at first it was all working great. I was able to watch the Mentalist no problem, not too many adds during the breaks, probably between 3 and 6.

    Then I watched NCIS: LA which was fine too but then I got distracted and stepped away, so the show kept playing all the way to the end and on to the next episode. When I came back my desk, I tried to restart the episode where I got distracted but I almost couldn't get it to restart. It kept playing adds over adds. Twice it looked like the show was gonna restart at the beginning as I saw the CBS logo, but as soon as the first few frames of the show showed up, it switched back to adds and kept playing another bunch of ads. 

    Thus far I used my Chrome browser, so I decided to close that one and try with IE. Again it played a bunch of adds but at least I was able to get the show starting. Of course as I tried to jump to the location where I stopped watching, I had to sit through another whole set of adds (total probably a good 20 mins of adds so far). 

    Well I was finally able to finish watching that episode. Then I tries to watch the next episode which as I had stepped way also already played to the end. So the website showed it as 'watched' and I clicked 'restart' and it went back into the annoying loop of playing add over and over. I tried to get it to start for a good 15 mins until I just now decided to give up. 


    This is not usable at all. There should be an easy way to 'reset' an already watched episode and watch it again without having to go through dozens and dozens of ads. 



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  • 05/16/14--14:05: video playback
  • Hello,

    I've been trying to watch videos online for the past few days and the commercials play at the very beginning but the actual video never does. When i place my cursor over the screen, it says buffering but it stays that way for hours.

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    This has been happening the past couple weeks everytime I try to watch USA On xfinity live stream it skips for like 2 seconds and then the whole stream freezes completely! this is so annoying because I never had this issue before! It just started happening out of no where and all the other live stream channels still work expect this one! Any tips I tried using different webbrowsers clearing cookies nothing seems to work.

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    Looks like some channels are playing while others not. they all have problems with tv commercials. I have the latest Flash Player and latest Windows 7 updates, and pretty sure the problem is with Comcast servers.  


    I used to watch Hung with no problems, now It freezes after the HBO logo and music playes.

    It's so frustrating when a paid service it's so unreliable and goes unresolved for so long. I know it's a complicated issue, but please hire some competent people which can take care of the multitude problems you're having (based on the amount of complaints recieved just this week).

    To all readers: please start a new thread for your issue. This way Comcast can realize the magnitude of their problem

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    By the way, just watched Survivor on CBS website. Couldn't watch it thru Comcast.

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  • 05/16/14--18:35: Re: ROKU, HBO GO
  • Comcast has no intention of doing that.  It's illogical.  The people I talk with at least dispell believeable BS (see link below; I got some of the same reasons).  The one I liked lately was it only works on wireless devices.  I said my Roku is a wireless device.  She said no, only works on cell phones and tablets.  Oh, you mean only on a device where i can logon to  She said yes, it's a technical thing and that's why they call it 'to go'.  I almost split my sides laughing.


    This ranks right up there with "the federal government requires us to encrypt basic TV.  IT'S THE LAW!"  What a crock.  It's an excuse to charge me $7 or more for a set top box.  Just more *stuff* sucking electricity next to my BedRoom TV.  (


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    My Device Information

    My Zip Code:35903My Cable Provider:Not InstalledUse Dac:FalseMy Conroller ID:128My Map ID:228My Persona ID:11838My myDVR Manager Status:Not InstalledMy Set Top Box Names:Not InstalledMy Watchlist setup:FalseFacebook Watchlist Syncing:FalseFacebook Connect:FalseMy public IP address:2601:7:4000:C4:3c77:C984:5914:Af66My operating system:Windows - UndefinedMy web browser:Chrome 34 - Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, Like Gecko) Chrome/34.0.1847.137 Safari/537.36My system type:Desktop Computer Or Other DeviceMy Silverlight version:5.1.30214.0My Flash version:13.0.0Javascript:Enabled Cookies:Enabled (2190 Bytes).
    Time Information

    My Clock Time:Fri May 16 2014 21:59:10 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)Server Clock Time:Fri May 16 2014 21:58:44 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)
    My Account Information

    In Home Authenticated:FalsePrimary Account:TrueProvider Codes:Gt, Fk, Ep, Eq, Hc, Dm, Hb, Eu, Ey, Ee, Fm, Fc, Eh, Gi, Bw, Gf, Bu, By, Bs, At, Em, Bl, Gd, Fo, Gr, Iy, K, Dg, Dt, Bn, Bi, Bj, Ce, Ez, Dx, Gk, Fh, Fd, Do, Fy, Is, Ew, B, Go, Dj, De, Fa, Ci, A, Fx, Gq, Jf, Cw, Ge, Ea, Cb, Jj, Co, Ir, Gh, Jc, Gg, Gl, Dh, En, Fi, Cd, Cf, Fb, Df, Cu, C, Fe, Ex, Ga, Fw, Fz, Fn, Ff, Jm, Fs, Ct, Cs, Et, Cv, Gv, Fr, Db, Dr, Bm, Jb, Gm, Er, Fv, Dy, Bo, Ft, Bq, Jk, Je, Dc, Jl, Im, Iz, Fq, Fl, Bv, El, Di, Fu, Cx, Dq, Fg, Fp, Ds, Eo, Gx, D, Es, Gj, Ev, Gc, Fj, Cn, Ch, Gb, Eg, Cc, JiInternet Subscriber:TrueCable TV Subscriber:TrueVoice Subscriber:True


    I would love to past the url's for the video I am trying to view, but there may not be space on the internet.  It is every show and every movie I try to watch.  It worked just fine a few weeks ago and now all the sudden it stopped. 

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    Moved to DVR Manager forum.

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    has anyone ever noticed that no matter what what the issue is "Comcast Joe" always has the same 3 scripted replies? "please go to blablabla/computer and post info" "please update flash/silverlight" "try a diffrent browser" then after you have followed all these steps .... NOTHING untill someone else posts the same thing then the responces repeat with nothing mentioned again about the previous person. this being said lets try this see if I get any responce. #1 no im not posting my personal computer information that might contain potential information on my systems vulrabilities....

    #2 silverlight and flash both uninsalled and re-installed no ad-blockers and or antivirus installed


    #3tried internet explorer , chrome , and firefox all with same results


    and the problem is NO cbs shows will play i get errors 564 , 563 , or 562 when i try to load, however ANY other show on ANY other network plays just fine so it is NOT a local system issue.

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