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  • 08/26/14--17:44: no TV signel
  • Moved to TV equipment forum.

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    Did you ever get this fixed?!?!?!?!?!?! I am having the same problem!!!!

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    The ISP is

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  • 08/27/14--03:56: TV listings
  • My TV listings have the wrong channels .....can't change them........want them back to 4, 5,7 etc etc...........

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    Version 1 is finally posted!  Check it out, and leave any comments or bugs here.


    I hope you all enjoy it.

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  • 08/27/14--05:33: Re: TV listings
  • try changing the input on your tv. It needs to be on the input you cable box is hooked up to. Also make sure the power to the cable box is on

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  • 08/27/14--06:38: Re: TV LISTINGS
  • Unfortunately I'm not sure the exact date.

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  • 08/27/14--08:06: Re: Roku
  • Teds:


    You can say that Comcast and Roku have not reached a business decision as much you like, but many customers like myself have called the other providers to find out exactly what is involved in enabling a device to use the service. It is nothing more than checking a box on the administration side of the HBO site. At least you tried. Direct TV admitted they were doing it out of spite and Comcast should do the same.

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  • 08/27/14--08:33: Re: hbogo
  • I believe there is a big difference between ondemand and hbogo. The latter has the entire hbo inventory, and on demand only has a pretty limited selection. Also it limits what devices you can use.

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  • 08/27/14--09:02: Re: hbogo
  • Not any more, at least here, HBO On Demand seems to now have the full HBO library, at least the series. They even ran an advert stating this.

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  • 08/27/14--10:11: Re: Roku


    At least DirecTV finally said WTH and gave in and now allows activation.

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  • 08/27/14--13:07: Re: TV LISTINGS
  • As an alternative you could try, .   Yahoo TV is powered by zap2it, but since zap2it changed their screen, I've been relying on Yahoo for my listings..  :smileywink:


    The only time I use comcast's guide is if I want to watch something online and need to check date and times of the shows.  


    hope this helps, ciao, bj

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  • 08/27/14--16:01: TV Listings
  • The onlime tv listings have been unavailable for several weeks. The correct zip code is entered and then an error message pops up reading "we could not locate any service providers in that zipcode". COMCAST IS THE SERVICE PROVIDER. It also posts 'we are working on solving the problem". When will the fix occur?


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    This is not resolved. You keep saying it is, but it isn't. I'm using Comcast services and Comcast is my ISP, yet my streams keep cutting out and randomly stopping altogether. I've tried different connections, devices, etc. I've done what everyone else has already. The issue is not on my end and it certainly isn't resolved. 


    Edit to add: It seems that, judging by this thread and others I've found, this has been going on literally for years. How is this okay? Why can't you fix this simple issue? 

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  • 08/27/14--18:05: Re: TV Listings
  • I am having the same problem for several weeks

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  • 08/27/14--18:43: Re: Roku
  • So anyone who is interested in making this issue more public feel free to upvote and comment in this reddit thread: . It's got over two thousand upvotes already but more never hurts and more visibility might help motivate Comcast more to deal with our issue.

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  • 08/27/14--19:10: Re: Roku

  • jhusosky wrote:



    At least DirecTV finally said WTH and gave in and now allows activation.

    I am aware that DirecTV now allows activation. I was making the point that they admitted their previous stance had nothing to do with money or a technical situation. Comcast's behavior is beyond disingenuous and they should be ashamed.

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    Sorry to hear you're having issues. Let's clarify your issue. Stopping and starting is a different issue than what's being discussed here. Are you getting any error codes when this happens?

    Can you share any URLs this happens on? I'm here to help but need to know the details.

    Also, we are seeing intermittent spikes on different live streams, primarily FXX.

    Look forward to your response, thanks...


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    Ok this is continuing to be a very common occurence when I am watching streaming live tv and movies.  Is the problem with chrome (latest version) or with Comcast?  I mean, every day, often mutiple times in a day is unacceptable.  My tv is being replaced so I am trying to watch on my laptop and the streaming live tv choices are so limited and there is so much buffering or loss of the stream, I feel like I am contuing to pay to watch my tv package but cannot.

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    The worst one is Fox Business which my husband (tries to) watch every day.  The voice just disappears every 14 to 30 deconds for about 5 seconds then comes back.  It has also occurred on Fox news and i think a couple of others but not nearly as frequently.  there is no error message when this occurs.  We have had playback error messages in the past and when that happens i usually turn off the ipad and turn back on.  sometimes that has worked,sometimes not.  hope this helps. 

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