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    After the usual 10 calls to get my tv working, I ordered and received a new box.

    I returned the other to a UPS store and was notified by Comcast that it was received appx. 10 days later. Today I received my bill and I am being charged for the box I returned. I called Comcast and was told they never received it. I have proof of delivery and an email from Comcast saying the opposite. 

    I was told they will "research" my return to see if they can locate the box.  I don't have great expectations that they will do anything or even if they do, they will tell me they can't locate it.


    The funniest thing is that yesterday in the Sunday edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer there is an article about Comcast and its new and improved customer service. I guess when you are as bad as Comcast is, there is no place to go but up.

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    Streaming Live TV is not working on Windows 10 (which I just began using today) Msg pops up: This Video Cannot Be Played Sorry, FOX NEWS is currently unavailable. 422

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    Online video will not play full screen.

    Errors: TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
     at com.tubemogul.coreControllers::AdPartControl/handleFullScreenChange()
     at flash.display::Stage/set displayState()
     at com.fancast.fcvidcontainer.widgets.videocontrolsx2::VideoControlsControllerSandwichX2/toggleFullscreen()[/Users/Walter.Pollard/dev/soft_pretzel/lib/src/com/fancast/fcvidcontainer/widgets/videocontrolsx2/]
     at com.fancast.fcvidcontainer.widgets.videocontrolsx2::VideoControlsControllerSandwichX2/onVideoControlsEvent()[/Users/Walter.Pollard/dev/soft_pretzel/lib/src/com/fancast/fcvidcontainer/widgets/videocontrolsx2/]
     at com.fancast.fcvidcontainer.widgets.videocontrolsx2::VideoControlsViewCloudTV/onVideoControlsEvent()[/Users/Walter.Pollard/dev/soft_pretzel/lib/src/com/fancast/fcvidcontainer/widgets/videocontrolsx2/]



    TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.

    at com.tubemogul.util::ListenerWrangler$/removeListener()

    at com.tubemogul.coreControllers::AdPartControl/handleFullScreenChange()

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  • 08/18/15--06:03: VIEDO

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  • 08/18/15--07:57: Re: TV Listings
  • This is still happening with the Chrome browser on my computer.  The listings work in the Internet Explorer browser.  How can this be fixed with Chrome.



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    Am having the same problem:  On Comcast Xfinity, CNBC streaming skips and pixilates, especially during business hours.  Other stations work fine . . . only seems to affect CNBC.  Does anyone have a "fix" for this problem ??

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    The suggestion by Comcast Joe that the customers must submit copious amounts of information each time they experience the problem is ridiculous.  It's bad enough to have the problem, even worse that Comcast hasn't fixed it after years of issues, and then the capper that they want the customer to jump through so many hoops.  Why not put a button on the screen to hit if there are problems and then Comcast can capture the info itself?  On any of the Bravo shows, the screen goes black for long periods when on commercial break.  This is such terrible service.

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    10 Things You Don't Know About S3|E6 "The Hoover Dam"
    2nd set of commericals
    Windows 7
    Explorer and chrome (both updated)
    Varies time currently 1:27pm EST

    Many differnt shows on H2 but the worst is its on a loop after a commerical break.The commericals will play and then a black screen saying your content will resume shortly (15 min later). Meaning it will restart the content to previous commerical break or just freezes after the 2nd commerical. I have to refresh muiltiple times and manually advance to the proper content when it goes back to the previous commerical.

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    I'm going throught this also. I get the black screen or if it does work it goes back to after the last commerical break so I'm watching it all over again, but I can skip forward sometimes.

    I posted the question with all the info comcast wanted and if they give me something that works I'll let you know.

    I'm using Windows 7 and using Chrome and Explorer.

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    One (possible) solution:


    #1 - Uninstall Silverlight completely and then reinstall it.

    On PC, uninstall any program by clicking the Start Button > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features. Then, select the program, and click Uninstall.

    #2 - Make sure all your web browsers are updated and that you're using the most current version.

    This should solve the problem, but if it doesn't contact Customer Service/Technical Support.

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  • 08/18/15--15:19: Error 368099456 in tv go
  • When trying to download a movie onto my iPad.  I am getting an error code,  368099456 within the player,  but I can find any information on this error.



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  • 08/18/15--17:24: tv onlie
  • No tv show will play online.  It played fine yesterday.  What do I check

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    a_user wrote:


    "It would be a big plus for subscribers to Xfinity."

    And there's your clue right there that it won't happen. Comcast (xfiniity) is not concerned with big pluses that help the subscriber. If it doesn't benefit Comcast or their advertisers, they're not interested. Sad, but true.   :-\

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  • 08/18/15--18:40: Wizards at work
  • How long? no warning or messages?

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    hi ,


    I have recently moved from Toronto to Chicago. To start my day 2 day I quickly booked internet over comcast website.After 14 days when things got settled down,I planned to move to double play offer .Now the trick i notice that Double play offers are not available to me because am an existing customer and the Price shown now jumped by 60$ more than new customer. 


    Do you guys have any suggestions to get new customer promo offer.I tired calling customer to upgrade my service ,didnt help though 


    Chandra Sekhar

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  • 08/18/15--18:44: Re: tv online
  • SAME situation here tonight.  It says "File not found".  I THINK xfinity is doing upgrades tonight, but I wish they'd give us an idea of how long this is going to take.  It's 9:45 PM right now on Tuesday.  Xfinity - WHAT'S happening??

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  • 08/18/15--18:45: Re: tv onlie
  • whatever you do, don't try to contact customer service, or chat with anyone.  I just wasted 45 minutes of my life.  they transferred me to 4 people and then suggested I clear the cookies and cache from my pc and still nothing.  They obviously don't know how to trouble shoot their own system problems as they kept trying to fix my equipment.  Apparently, they aren't putting 2 and 2 together to realize that is in in fact their issue.

    jschmidt wrote:

    No tv show will play online.  It played fine yesterday.  What do I check


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  • 08/18/15--18:52: Re: tv online
  •   Ah man, that sucks. Doesn't surprise me, though. 

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  • 08/18/15--19:06: Re: tv online
  • <taps foot>

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  • 08/18/15--19:26: Re: tv online
  • OK - it's back up and running now, you guys as of @ 10:18 PM.  Night.

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