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  • 12/08/13--11:33: Re: problem viewing video
  • Hi,


    I see that Season 9 Episode 10 is going to a static ad - I have notified our Video Operations to address.


    Are you seeing this behavior on all listed episodes?  (I did not see it for all episodes)


    Thank you.

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    Are you being prompted for a Parental Controls Pin?  Or stuck on a screen indicating that Parental Controls are being checked?


    Thank you.

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    Hey folks, I signed up for X1 a while back and I have been trying to check out all the new features, but all the streaming vidoes give me a 'Subscription Required' message.  Furthermore, I had a DVR, but cannot use the online schedule.  With my old DVR, I was able to use the scheduler here but now it says I do not have a compatible DVR. 


    Lastly, on my profile, there is no data on the right hand side:


    The section for my profile shows:

    Account Number:

    Primary User ID:No Data Available


    Am I missing something or is something not working correctly?  I get the same errors when using either a laptop or my Android phone, across multiple browsers.


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  • 12/08/13--15:28: Re: 30 days and no help
  • That's horrible. I hope someone from Comcast responds to this. (You might want to try tweeting some of this to @comcastcares on Twitter. They seem pretty responsive there.) You also might try looking on They should have a list of corporate email addresses and telephone numbers for companies like Comcast. If you get no response from them soon perhaps an email to corporate will get some results. (What Consumerist calls an Executive Email Carpet Bomb.)

    I'm also wondering if the issues are only on Comcast's site or if you have problems watching video on sites like Youtube or Hulu. (I don't work for Comcast but I am a computer tech and with a little more information I might be able to give you some assistance.)

    If video works fine on other sites then the problem is likely with Comcast's site or a browser plug-in. If it is all over then it is likely your modem or computer.

    It also would be good to try a different browser and be sure your plug-ins like Flash and Silverlight are updated.

    It also would be helpful to know what version of Windows you are using and what browser.



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    I have been trying to catch up on the back episodes of this year's "Haven". I watched the first couple all the way thru with no problem. Now for the next 3 or 4 episodes the program freezes roughly 1/2 way thru and won't play. Continued re-starting doesn't help.

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  • 12/10/13--08:04: Re: Samsung Smart TV HBO GO
  • It's comcast that wants me to add on premium channels. Why would I pay comcast for a service I can't watch?

    epurman99 wrote:
    I believe your well placed anger should be with comcast;; not HBO


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  • 12/10/13--08:50: Re: HBOGO WILL NOT WORK
  • Same exact problem here. Can we get some help here Comcast????

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  • 12/10/13--09:32: not able to view SOPRANO'S
  • i just finally got logged in to your site and i want to watch the pilot episode of the SOPRANO'S I CLICK ON FIRST EPISODE and it says your program will start shortly but it never comes on i have waited over 15 minutes and nothing still have a blank screen on my computer. what is the problem

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    alfreddd423255 wrote:

    i just finally got logged in to your site and i want to watch the pilot episode of the SOPRANO'S I CLICK ON FIRST EPISODE and it says your program will start shortly but it never comes on i have waited over 15 minutes and nothing still have a blank screen on my computer. what is the problem

    I tested this episode and could not replicate this issue.


    Please go to and copy the information you see on-screen and paste it in this thread so we can further assist you.

    Also, are all episodes having this issue or just this one episode?






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    Saw someone post that running hotspot shield fixed the error for them. I did the same and it worked for me so far, just fixed today. Will update if problem comes back

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    I can't watch the Premier League Match Replays on Xfinity on Demand. I click on a particular game and all I get is a black screen and then a message that says "We're experiencing issues at the moment. Please try again later." There is nothing wrong with my TV set or my cable connection. I've informed Comcast several times and they keep saying that there must be something wrong with my cable connection, which is not the case. Does anybody have the same problem?

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    Fortunately it is working for me, loving the coverage on NBC sports at the weekends. Perhaps you have an account problem?


    Edit..... It is also working on line for me too.

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    C_DM wrote:
    Have you tried making sure you have updated versions of Silverlight and Flash players, as well as browsers?

    Silverlight and Flash themselves are choppy. YouTube and Netflix have the same problem to some degree, though the Xfinity player is especially bad.

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  • 12/10/13--19:01: service trouble
  • getting error refference code s0a00


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  • 12/10/13--19:17: Re: picture freeze
  • my picture freezes frequently and i also lose the sound. also the picture seems to be cut in half..when i go to the higher channels like 249 it does not happen..this has been going on for months..i don't know what to do..please help

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  • 12/10/13--19:30: Re: service trouble
  • Hello,

    That error is signal issues you can check if you have any loose connections but if everything looks ok then you need a tech visit.

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  • 12/10/13--23:24: streampix won't work
  • I am unable to get streampix to work.  The full screen does not load and I can't select anything to watch.  I am trying to watch an old tv series on my computer.  What is wrong with streampix?  What do I do?

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  • 12/11/13--13:49: Re: Error 900|3329.404
  • still not working

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  • 12/11/13--14:07: Re: HBO NO Go?
  • I don't know why comcast wont allow HBO GO access on Roku, it's avaliable on WOW, ATT, and several sat. providers, you can also get it through X-Box live, but the only way to go through Roku is to buy a subscription of Play On, which has it's own problems.

       Every time ive tried to ask Comcost support why its not avaliable they try to say its up to Roku and HBO, Comcast has nothing to do with it. Thats usually after I explain what Roku is??

       The bottom line is you can get HBO GO on Roku, but you have to go through Play On.

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  • 12/11/13--14:32: Re: ROKU, HBO GO

  • SillyGod wrote:
    I went to the link, and filled in the form. Within minutes, I received a reply. The reply unfortunately was that they have no plans to ever support roku! Bizarre..

    Please post their response.  Thanks!

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