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    Why do i get this error when trying to watch a video on

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  • 04/05/14--14:10: COZI Channel
  • Hello,  Does anyone now what channel the COZI network is on.  My zip code is 03079

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  • 04/05/14--14:23: No Live TV
  • Trying to get the NCAA game from TBS - nothing happens - just Error422 ?

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  • 04/05/14--17:10: What does "Error 5062" mean?
  • Does anybody know what Error 5062 means?


    I started to watch tv online earlier, had to stop for a while, then went back to it and now I get an error message.


    Can anybody clue me in? I restarted my computer and I am still seeing the same thing.



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    SteelersFanBomb wrote:

    I get this messageon Ubuntu


    PlayOnLinux cannot find curl (from cURL)



    Go back to the ubuntu Software Center, search for curl, and see if it is installed or not. If not, install it.

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    I am having the same problem sometimes it works and other times I get a 422. W*F is a 422 I called these boneheads a few hours ago they reset something not quite sure what it was. Then it worked good and now I'm back to the same old thing.


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    I'm getting error code 422 and 5xx..... running windows 7....uninstalled java, flashplayer and restart laptop..... then reinstalled, restarted laptop.... same issue. trying to catch up on Games of Thrones... uuuugh!!!!!

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    Actually I have been able to get this to work


    I went to the PlayOnLinux site and ran there scripts

    Howeve I have to install PlayOnLinux from the softwae ceter again



    It does work.  It isnt 100% wonderful but it works.  The video is grainy and network lag will kill ya!

    And i remembered again I stopped using firefox

    0 0 News videos do not play with Google Chrome.  I have a Windows 8 machine.  Does anyone know why this is happening?

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  • 04/05/14--22:22: Re: cant fix the 517 error
  • same issue everything i try to play says error code 517 i was live streaming earlier with no problem whats going on comcast as much money as i pay for your service i should be able to watch the programs i want to


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  • 04/06/14--18:14: google. chrome
  • My google chrome is in "Incognito" mode and I cannot figure out how to disable that mode


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  • 04/06/14--18:42: cant fix err 517
  • in updated my fash 3 time and still nothing working 

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    Same thing is happening to me.

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  • 04/06/14--18:53: error message 517
  • i was able to play on demand videos online until yesterday. keep getting error 517. was using on googe chrome and dont have adobe flash player. when i sign out of account i can watch on demand but some videos are locked. when i sign back in i get error code 517

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  • 04/06/14--18:58: ERROR MSG 422


    This Video Cannot Be Played

    Sorry, BRAVO is currently unavailable.

    (Error 422)

    PRIMETIME : Live Stream


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  • 04/06/14--19:48: TVONE (channel 173) Sound
  • Why does the sound on TV One channel 173 keep pausing?

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    I keep getting message which says: DRM license needs to be reset. I reset and I even redown loaded the google chrome adobe player and still get that message. I watch one or two videos and then get that message which stops me from watching more. Why is this happening? I called comcast they said they fixed this problem and I am still having trouble viewing tv online.

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    Hi, this is the typical X finity /comcast not working they will blame you and your system when the whole time it is their system not working. it usuually fixes itself in a couple to few hours. Don't waste your time calling or chatting they will not help only mislead and misdirect you.

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  • 04/06/14--20:41: Error 422
  • Video will not play, error 422

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    If you are watching a video from our XFINITY TV Go Website ( and your video crashes, stops, freezes, or disrupts playback in anyway because of an ad, please answer the questions below so we can further investigate:


    a) What is the Asset Name, Season number/Episode number and please provide the URL/link of the video


    It started with Good Wife, Season 5, Episode 2, but now Episodes 1-3 are all doing it. I haven't tried other episodes yet. I watched Episode 1 without a problem right before the problem started.


    b) Name of the ad that is disrupting playback or the last ad that played


    The first ad is for the 2014 Buick Regal GS. The episode tries to play, but then it goes to a Breyers Gelato ad.


    c) During what set of commercial was the issue happening? (example: "The video does not resume after the second set of commercials)


    The first time I tried Episode 2 it played part of the way through the first segement, but stopped before it should have and started playing ads. Now it won't play any part of the episode. It just plays several ads and then tells me that I've watched the whole episode.


    d) What Operating System you are using? (Mac 10.6, Windows 8, Windows 7, etc.)


    Mac 10.9.2


    e) What Web Browsers are you using? (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.)


    Sarari 7.0.2


    f) What time of day did this occur? (example: "Issue happened when I tried watching video at 3:30 PM EST) This may seem like an odd request but ads can rotate throughout the day. This means that a video may not work at 10:00 AM but will work at 3:00 PM.


    It started around 11:30pm


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